Create Postback URL by action


HTTP method

Access rights




POST manage_opt_codes Parameter request list
  • * Returns the result in the JSON format.

Parameter request list




Settings restrictions

Allowed values

website integer     The list of publisher’s ad spaces
campaign integer     List of affiliate programs
desc_mode integer  

0 for advanced mode, and 1 for easy mode

url string    
method integer  

0 for GET method, and 1 for POST method

action_type integer  

0 for all action types, 1 for Sale, and 2 for Lead

status integer  

5 - new, 6 - accepted, 7 - rejected, 8 - pending

The list of link parameters



Affiliate program ID


Name of affiliate program


Name of ad space


Ad space ID

SubID [[[subid]]]

Amount of your earnings


Currency of the program


Order number


Order amount


Click time (unix time)


Duration (unix time)


Conversion time (in seconds)


Type of action


Action IP

User-Agent [[[user_agent]]]

Example of use

Example of a request with utility ``curl``:

curl -L -H 'Authorization: Bearer access_token' -X POST -d 'website=33&campaign=6&status=6&status=7&desc_mode=0&method=1&action_type=1&url=http%3A//'

Example of the response from the API server in the JSON format:

    "campaign": {
        "id": 6,
        "name": "AdvCamp"
    "desc_mode": 0,
    "event": 0,
    "generated_url": "[[[offer_id]]]&time=[[[time]]]",
    "id": 18,
    "method": 1,
    "status": [
            "id": 6
            "id": 7
    "user_url": "",
    "website": {
        "id": 33,
        "name": "AdRiver"

Description of API server response fields