Status of connecting a partner network’s ad space to an affiliate program

  • Before you start using an API for partner networks, ask the manager to add the subnetwork tag to your publisher account in Admitad.

  • To use the method, you need to obtain access_token. Auth Description.

  • In the parameter scope, send the right name “advcampaigns_for_website.”


HTTP method

Access rights



GET advcampaigns_for_website http://api.admitad.loc/subnetworks/v1/advcampaign/${ADVCAMPAIGN_ID}/statuses/
  • ${ADVCAMPAIGN_ID} is the affiliate program ID for getting statuses and links

  • Returns the ad space-program connection status in JSON and a goto link enriched with the tool, if the connection status is active.

  • In the parameter websites_id, send IDs of spaces, separated with a comma.

  • The parameter websites_id may not contain more than 30 ad space IDs.

Example of a request for getting the ad space-program connection status

curl -L -H 'Authorization: Bearer ${ACCESS_TOKEN}' -X GET${ID_ADVCAMPAIGN}/statuses/\?websites_id\=349001,349004

Example of a JSON response

HTTP/1.1 200 OK

    "gotolink": "",
    "connection_status": "active",
    "website_id": 349001,
    "advcampaign_id": 15939
    "gotolink": "",
    "connection_status": "disabled",
    "website_id": 349004,
    "advcampaign_id": 15939