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Receiving API keys

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To begin working with MonetizeAPI, you need to get credentials for connecting your platform.

Step 1. Go to the MonetizeAPI page

Sign up in Admitad Monetize or log in to your account if you already have one. Go to the MonetizeAPI settings page by clicking the MonetizeAPI section in the menu on the left-hand side.

Step 2. Add platform

Add your platform on the Settings page.

Follow these steps:

  • select your platform type: website, browser, browser extension, or search engine
  • enter the platform link
  • enter the platform name; it will be used only in Admitad Monetize

Then click, Add platform.

Step 3. Add authorized origins

In the Add authorized origins block, enter the URI of the origin from which you will send requests, and click Add URI.

  • Add at least one URI.
  • Specify the scheme (HTTP or HTTPS).
  • URIs can contain paths.
  • URIs can’t contain wildcard characters.
  • If you use a port other than 80, add it to the domain.
  • If you use Cyrillic URIs, they must be converted to Punycode first.

For example,

Step 4. Get credentials

Copy the automatically generated credentials: platform ID, public key, and private key.

Use them to connect your platform to MonetizeAPI.

To generate new credentials, click Regenerate credentials. Please note that doing this will cause requests using the old credentials to stop working.

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