Create Postback URL by action


HTTP method

Access rights




POST manage_opt_codes Parameter request list
  • * Returns the result in the JSON format.

Parameter request list




Settings restrictions

Allowed values

website integer     The list of publisher’s ad spaces
campaign integer     List of affiliate programs
desc_mode integer  

0 for advanced mode, and 1 for easy mode

url string    
method integer  

0 for GET method, and 1 for POST method

action_type integer  

0 for all action types, 1 for Sale, and 2 for Lead

status integer

Transmission of at least one of the parameters: status or reward_ready is required

  • 5 - new, 6 - accepted, 7 - rejected, 8 - pending

reward_ready integer  
  • 0 — do not receive any notifications about the reward changing its status to “Ready for withdrawal” or from it

  • 1 — Receive notifications when reward changes its status to “Ready for withdrawal” or from it

The list of link parameters



Affiliate program ID


Name of affiliate program


Name of ad space


Ad space ID

SubID [[[subid]]]

Amount of your earnings


The reward has changed the status to or from “Ready for withdrawal”


Currency of the program


Order number


Order amount


Click time (unix time)


Duration (unix time)


Conversion time (in seconds)


Type of action


Action IP

User-Agent [[[user_agent]]]

Example of use

Example of a request with utility ``curl``:

curl -L -H 'Authorization: Bearer access_token' -X POST -d 'website=33&campaign=6&status=6&status=7&reward_ready=1&desc_mode=0&method=1&action_type=1&url=http%3A//'

Example of the response from the API server in the JSON format:

    "campaign": {
        "id": 6,
        "name": "AdvCamp"
    "desc_mode": 0,
    "event": 0,
    "generated_url": "[[[offer_id]]]&time=[[[time]]]",
    "id": 18,
    "method": 1,
    "status": [
            "id": 6
            "id": 7
    "user_url": "",
    "website": {
        "id": 33,
        "name": "AdRiver"
    "reward_ready": true

Description of API server response fields